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Vent Kit on Road Glide?

Primary Vent Kit on 2019 Road Glide Special

Sure enough, our bike was transferring fluids; needless to say, Harley is attempting to fix this issue but some 2019 models didn't have the fix & need the Primary Vent Kit installed. A few months before our 10K service appointment.... we thought we had heard an odd noise just a few times while out on the bike. Both times was when we had cold started the bike. This just brought our attention to it so while at our 10K service, we had mentioned the sound & concern to our Harley tech. Not sure if it was related to the bike transferring fluids or not but we wanted to make sure it was noted.

TIP: Anytime that you hear a noise or have a concern... mention it to your dealership/mechanic so they can make a note of it! If there was a problem down the road, a recall, etc.. then the concerns & issues are noted in your records. Especially if it's an issue that is later discovered & under warranty!

This video shows the Primary Vent kit installed on our 2019 Road Glide Special during our 10,000 mile service.

Please note: The primary vent kit isn't a recall, but an internal service bulletin that outlines direct diagnostics and corrective actions for EXCESSIVE transmission to primary oil transfer (some transfer between the compartments is normal and has been for years, hence the requirement to run the same oil in primary and transmission!!!)


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