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"many don't ride just as a hobby but as  THERAPY!!"

Riding motorcycles is not a hobby but therapy for Steph & I. We find that is the same for so many others in the motorcycle community. Through health struggles, financial setbacks, family ordeals & life in general; riding on the open road has become a safe place more than people realize. We find ourselves feeling more comfortable & at home so to speak on 2 wheels! 

We both rely on riding for mental health, friendship, stress reliever & of course brotherhood/sisterhood.Through all of the health issues that Steph has had she has decided to focus on that "back seat driver" that she likes to call herself. Below you will find what she has to say about the ride as a passenger!

Support2UP reason & purpose
-by Steph (The Ornery Squaw)

There is quite a story to the reason I am hear today supporting motorcycle passengers in our community; my husband & I ride 2UP everywhere! I rode solo on my own motorcycle before emergency brain surgery in 2013 to remove a tumor & I ride as a passenger now. With saying that… several modifications on our motorcycle effected me & my opinion was highly considered when making changes on our motorcycle. The passenger is an “active” rider on a motorcycle & that is exactly how I want other passengers to feel. With saying that, there is a huge demographic that ride 2UP (pilot/pillion driver/passenger) & we want to help get the passenger more involved!!
Therefore, I have started Support 2Up on Facebook & Instagram. This is a platform that encourages and supports the rider & the passenger. MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) states that the passenger is an active rider on the motorcycle…. This is what I want passengers & 2up riders to feel! I want them to feel that they are an active rider & NOT a backrest.
With our (The Ornery One) online community growing; I have had several individuals & couples reach out to me personally regarding riding 2up. You all know that TJ & I ride 2up everywhere & I no longer ride solo due to Vertigo & Neurological disorders with my equilibrium from a Brain Tumor. My goal is to give a platform that focuses on the passenger aspect of motorcycle riding. Several “motorcycle riding courses” do not offer a passenger course or resources that provide preparation, tips, skills & experience for riders that choose to ride with a passenger. I would love to see that change in the future but until then we need to provide the 2UP community with some resources!

Encourage more riders. Period. Man or Woman. Driver or Rider. There are several support groups for new riders, seasonal riders, Women Riding groups, etc but nothing that focuses on 2UP riding or involving the passenger.
Develop & cultivate an online community that empowers & inspires riders with a primary focus on the passenger.
Through our nonprofit & Pay It Forward events; we have had the opportunity to meet so many riders across the motorcycle community. With social media being a huge impact on our viewers; I have had multiple individuals (95% of them being women) reach out to me wanting to know more details on how they can be more involved with riding. This includes how they, the passenger, should pack; how the passenger is able to ride comfortably long distances, how the passenger deals with wind buffering, etc. There are not many review videos that have the drivers & passengers point of view. As an example: most of the review videos regarding touring seats are only the perspective of the driver & not the passenger.
Finding ways to involve the passenger in more bike events, bike shows, group rides, education, etc has been mind boggling for me. However; with the help of our motocommunity & sharing my personal story of riding as a pillion…. I have started to reach a huge demographic that has NOT been touched yet. One goal is to provide an online resource community for motorcycle riders (both drivers & passengers) that can be involved & active. Like I had mentioned; I have created the Facebook & Instagram page that has already started to grow & provides a place to share ideas, products, tips, techniques, etc. Another goal is to involve the 2up community by adding “Best 2UP Touring” classification to bike shows.
Where can you help?
Join us on Facebook and Instagram! Share your story! Engage with our events and rides that Support2UP! Add a 2UP classification to your next bike show! 

Support 2UP Riding
"Because 2 heads are better than 1"


Support2UP Motorcycle Riding information
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