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Custom Dynamics: What Product Have You Tried & Tested?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Product & Company Review: A company that makes products that help you SEE & BE SEEN as well as a company who believes in the value of SEE & BE SEEN!

We have worked hand and hand with Custom Dynamics for multiple years now... to be exact it was 2018. The fall of 2018 we installed the ProBeam Bullet LED Turn Signals along with their Magic Strobes on our 2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide. The entire process was exactly like we had been told: Plug and Play. (Now.. I am posting the video but please keep in mind that our editing skills have improved as we were completely new to the moto-vlogging world... aka be nice)

Just fast forward to our current motorcycle; 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special which we got April of 2019. As of January 2022 as I am writing this, we are sitting at 45,300 miles. All of those miles have been with Custom Dynamics. Products that we have installed on our motorcycle but have used & put them to the test! One thing you will find with us is that we will do product reviews but it might take a few months before we share our ideas & feelings about the product. Isn't that what product reviews are actually about? Reviewing the product doesn't mean giving a review within days. How do you know if it holds up? How do you know if you will like it? How do you know what will happen when you put it through all 4 season? How do you know??? More on that later.... maybe a whole blog about Product Reviews need to be REVIEWED. Alright, back to our badass lights!

Here is a list of Custom Dynamic's lighting that we have on our 2019 HD Road Glide:

  • Magical Wizards: Color Changing LED accent lights

  • Saddlebag LED Latch Lightz (video below)

  • Low Profile BAGZ LED Saddlebag Lights

  • ProBeam Amber/White Front LED Bullet Turn Signals

  • Dynamic Windshield Trim LED lights (video below)

  • Fascia LED panel Lights (video below)

  • TruBEAM LED Headlamp

  • ProBeam auxiliary LED Halo Fog Lamps (video below)

  • Magic Strobes RSG Brake Light Flasher

  • ProBEAM Dual Intensity LED TriBAR

  • Dynamic LED Vent Inserts

  • Plug & Play PLUGZ Antenna Grommet Lights

  • High Mount Tour Pak LED Light

Like we have said... Custom Dynamics is the leading LED lights for Motorcycles & we are so proud to be teamed up with Custom Dynamics for several years running! Actually "proud" is an understatement... we are thrilled to be associated with them, we are excited as they continue to make progress & new products constantly, we are humbled by their love for the motorcycle community & mankind! Custom Dynamics sponsored our Pay It Forward at the end of 2020. With the help (huge help) of Custom Dynamics, Ornery Ass members & viewers like you; we were able to change the lives of The Wilson family in Arkansas!

LIVEfeed with Custom Dynamics during Daytona Bike Week - rundown of all LED lights on our ride!

Dynamic Windshield Trim LED lights


These are aluminum trim set with two banks of flush mounted Amber/White LEDs behind a smoked lens bolt onto the stock 2015-Current Harley-Davidson® Road Glide fairing to increase forward and side visibility. White DRL LEDs are automatically deactivated when the turn signal lamp or hazard warning lamp is activated giving greater visibility to the Amber LED standard turn signal flash. When the turn signal is activated, the corresponding bank to either side will flash all at once indicating the turn signal.

ProBEAM Auxiliary LED Halo Fog Lamps


ProBEAM® Motorcycle Auxiliary LED Halo Fog Lamps utilize Cree LEDs to produce a superior beam pattern with a super bright white LED halo for extreme light output. State of the art adjustable beam, ensures maximum brightness with vertical or horizontal mounting. The 2.36" diameter lens casts a bright white pool of light near the motorcycle and fills in the dark area between the bike and the low-beam headlamp pattern while 12 white LEDs illuminate as a constant on running light halo mimicking our popular ProBEAM® Dynamic Ringz™. The high-power LED fog lamp can be independently turned on and off with the integrated push button switch. Each ProBEAM® Auxiliary Fog Lamp requires a 8mm x1.25 mounting hole and can easily install onto 1.25" engine guards with ProBEAM® Accessory Mounting Clamps (sold separately). Available with chrome or black finish and heavy-duty Polycarbonate Lens for long term durability. ECE Compliant. Lifetime LED Warranty

Fascia LED Panel Lights


The perfect solution to add stylish visibility to the back of your motorcycle. Units adhere to each side of the rear fender fascia with double sided tape and include a plug and play wire harness for a simple installation on 2014-Current Harley-Davidson® Street Glide (FLHX), Street Glide Special (FLHXS), Road Glide (FLTRX), Road Glide Special (FLTRXS), or Road King Special (FLHRS).

Saddlebag LED Latch Lightz


Saddlebag LED Latch Lightz™ are a direct, plug and play replacement for the saddlebag reflectors on OEM Harley-Davidson® hard saddlebags. Utilizing 81 super bright LEDs per unit, these provide enhanced side visibility to make you safer on the road. The Saddlebag LED Latch Lightz™ come pre-taped and include a plug and play wiring adapter for an effortless install. Available in Dual Intensity Red (Red Run/Brake with Red Turn) or Dual Color (Red Run/Brake with Amber Turn) configurations behind a smoked or red lens.

LED lights on a hardtail chopper?

We did it.... hear our thoughts on how they held up on a rigid frame chopper!

ProBEAST Air Horn


Custom Dynamics® ProBEAST® Motorcycle Horns are a direct replacement for Harley-Davidson® stock "cow bell" horn. This compact dual tone air horn with an attention grabbing 104.9db rating (at 2 meters) makes it even louder than the original MiniBeast™. Built with a heavy duty metal bracket and ABS cover for long lasting durability, the internals are 100% self-contained with included plug and play wire harness. BCM Compliant with industry leading 3 year warranty.

Do we recommend Custom Dynamic LED lights? You bet we do! There products have stood the test! We have over 30,000 miles on all of the Custom Dynamic products on our Road Glide & some products have been on the Road Glide from the beginning giving them 45,000 miles! Hands down.... check out !!!

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1 Comment

Chad and Brandy Atnip
Chad and Brandy Atnip
Jan 24, 2022

Very well written Steph!!! Don't forget about that horn😂. We recently added Custom Dynamics lighting all around our Roadking and it has made such a difference. We are looking into the crash bar lights and oh of course that horn. Again... your writing is phenomenal 💜 #stayornery XOXO ~ The "Catnips"

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