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Tiny House living is the life for us!

We want to share a little more than just our adventures with you! A little history & deeper look into our lives.

We are sure you have heard of the tiny house movement and the mass movement of fine folks wanting to share their stories of how they are becoming one with nature and simplifying their lifestyle…. but please listen to ours. We do not fit in this category.

We were in our mid 30’s and had faced a lot of negativity but we took it all with a positive view!!! I will start with this: We are a family of 7!! :) We have 5 children from the ages 14 to 21. (4 girls and 1 boy) With saying that… we DOWN SIZED to a TINY HOUSE ;) A tiny house that we could afford and make sure everyone was happy. For us to make certain everyone had their own space, we chose the 16x40 lofted barn style building. We sold everything that we own to gather enough money to purchase this building. The barn/cabin has two lofts, which is where the kids will occupy…. all 5 of them. :)

We had talked to all the children about the journey and how this may or may not be for each of them but for our family…. this was the best decision. As I had mentioned, we were in our 30’s and we had been faced with a lot of stress. My husband, T.J. had back surgery 9 years ago & is currently needing back surgery again. This set us back quite a bit and put a strain on our family as he was our main bread winner. He has been slowly recovering from the surgery. I was working 2 jobs and going to school full time as well as taking care of all of the kids while he was recovering. However, 5 years ago in October I turned 31. I turn 31 on the 25th of October and we discovered I had a Brain Tumor in my 4th Ventricle on the 28th of October. I had emergency Brain Surgery on November 4th to remove the Tumor. I have been off of work since and I am still having complications with balance and vision along with vertigo. We have always been able to provide for our children with a fairly large home with plenty of space to call their own……. but now… we are down to one income and the stress is not worth it!

Both T.J. and I are too young to be too stressed and too worried about the future and our health.

It is impossible to improve if we continue to dwell on the negative. We have to look at the positive side and with saying that….we are very blessed that this has happened to us at such a young age and we have realized what we want in life before it is too late to change it!!!

We are excited for the future! We are scared! We are happy! This is one adventure that is bitter sweet!! Overall, we just wanted to share with you that this “building” is going to be our family’s home! Some may call it a shed, a barn, a building, a small cabin….. But for us this will be our home. The one place we call home.

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This so awesome to hear. My wife and I struggle daily to make ends meat. She was laid off last year and that hit us hard. She been at her new job going on four months now but we are still playing catch up. I love yalls positive outlook on everything. It’s truly inspiring.

The Ornery Squaw
The Ornery Squaw

I am so sorry to hear this. I know this comment was 2 years ago, I hope everything is good & this finals you well!

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