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Ready, Set.... Go

We are nearing the end of our 1st week here at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson of The Big Boar build. This first week has be amazing & also a challenge; we knew this first week would have some adjustments. Although we will be here for 6 weeks; we fully know that it would not take 6 weeks to build the bike we are dreaming of.

This is my weekly layout:

Record for 2 days

Produce and upload videos for 3 days

Catch up on sleep, family & everything else in my life for 1 day

Update website, ship merch, charge batteries & prepare to start recording for 2 days


"Ready, Set... Go" will be replaced with "Record, Produce... Repeat!"

Literally with only 4 days into this build; I have learned so much about motorcycles. Let me rephrase that... "I have learned so much about OUR motorcycle." We have already covered a large amount ground but that is just what we are seeing... I now take all this content, knowledge, pictures, sounds, short clips & bloopers turn them into videos to share with you all! It is a fun experience for sure & I hope you guys all follow along on this journey!

-the squaw

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