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Are you in LOVE?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

In LOVE with your motorcycle? Of course we are but here are 10 signs that prove that you LOVE LOVE LOVE your motorcycle! (TJ wanted to make sure everyone knew this was shared by Stephanie! lol not sure why but just FYI)

1. You spend a lot of time with your motorcycle. You wake up at dawn for a ride then come back in the afternoon and spend a few more hours washing, drying, and polishing your bike.

2. You have to ride it every day. The only reason you like going to work is because you can ride your motorcycle. If you don't get to ride it for a few days, you get cranky ... a symptom of PMS - Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

3. You love the way your motorcycle looks. When you get off your bike, you look back just to admire it. Your motorcycle is not only sexy, it even makes you look good.

4. You get anxious even if there is a little problem in your motorcycle. This speaks for itself.

5. You enjoy showing off your motorcycle. You've spent many years and dollars making your bike just as you like it. You talk about it whenever possible. You rev your motorcycle while inside a tunnel just so you can hear it sing.

6. You are always thinking of ways you want to make your motorcycle better. You've changed the exhausts the day you got your bike. By now, you've probably changed the seat and handlebars, added saddlebags and lights. You're still not satisfied. You need the latest accessories on the market.

7. You are over possessive about your bike. You hate parking in public areas. You're worried that people might touch it or even sit on it. When you come back you thoroughly inspect it.

8. You can't imagine life without it. Your motorcycle is a part of your daily living. When you leave town, you just can't wait to get home so you can ride your motorcycle.

9. Your motorcycle has a name, gender, and birthday. You have saved the invoice and treat it as a birth certificate. On this birthday, you buy motorcycle stuff for yourself. You might forget your spouse's birthday, but you'll never forget your motorcycles birthday.

10. You share a lot of memories with your motorcycle. You share a special bond and there are a lot of sweet memories of your rides. All your stories begin with "When I was riding to ... ".

This was shared by Pig Trail HOG member & Secretary: Sheila "Casper" Branham who shared it within our HOG newsletters. She had found the article online & most wording was taken directly from the article... these are her highlights.

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