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Just a couple of motorcyclists from Arkansas trying to enjoy this thing we call a ride: Something tragic happened for us to be able to take this opportunity, you see in November 2013 we were faced with the dreadful news that Stephanie, my wife, had a tumor in the 4th ventricle of her brain and needed emergency brain surgery. We had only a weekend to spend time with our loved ones, swallow the 50/50 chance of life or death, plan accordingly, prepare for 5-7 months of unemployment, fight insurance companies, explain the situation to our children, and somehow keep our own minds positive and not crumble from the stress and fear. These trials taught us to live on so much less than the average U.S. household, travel light, and reside in our 640 square foot tiny house. We consider this scare a blessing in disguise and are so thankful that it happened.


This is also where motorcycles have always played a part in my life—two wheels help me cope with reality, and calms the psychobabble that goes on in my head.  I have always had some sort of motorcycle.  Well, let’s be truthful, I have had some sort of rat bike that was hard tailed, pieced together by old hand me down parts and fabricated from what I had laying around. Still today, we have our old rat bike. She has grown to be a machine loved by so many, and is now lovingly called Maxwell House”. 

In 2018, we were able to pick up a used 2015 Road Glide which was like riding a recliner compared to the hardtails that I had been buzzing around town on. It was this “new” bike that we are able to tour the country and takeon new adventures.

During Daytona Bike Week 2019 in Daytona Florida, our bike was stolen from Main Street along with 47 other motorcycles during the rally. However with the love & support of our friends/family both on social media & in person we were able to get back on two wheels after only 5 weeks. Those 5 weeks were very worrisome & difficult. We had to deal with insurance, the police department as well as Harley-Davidson finance services. Lots of lessons were learned during this experience such as types of insurance. Long story short... we are back on two wheels and are now officially a 501(3)(c) non profit: Biker's Pay It Forward! It was May 2019 that we purchased our current bike: 2019 Road Glide Special. You can find all of our adventures on our YouTube channel "The Ornery One" & subscribe to see all of our Pay It Forward Events as well as our riding adventures!

We appreciate everyone who has read our story & subscribed to our social media all while supporting us!! Your kind words mean a great deal to us & we are both so thankful to have you along our journey!




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