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What does that mean?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

What does an Ornery Ass mean?


From the time I was a little boy; my granny would always call me "ornery" so we fast forward to 2017 when Stephanie suggested that I setup my own Instagram page. I guess she was tired of sharing an account with me. Trying to think of a IG handle wasn't difficult as the name "Ornery One" came to mind rather quickly. Probably too quickly if we are telling the truth. Being told I was "ornery" all my life was a common word in my vocabulary.

"Witty... Smart Ass... little bastard! In a good way of course."

Today, as we finish up our planning for this 2022 Riding Season, we can't help but look back & be thankful for the motorcycle community & the riders that make this community the best of the best!

Shout out to these ORNERY ASS members who have been with us from the beginning of our membership journey (24 months) & we appreciate that more than we can express.

100 Octane D Meyer A Salmans M Griffin T Kyle M Myers A Davis T Albright M Rehbein N3PRO Dave G & B Maldonado M & M Gregal P Fisher LadyTam55 BnB Ventures L Blevins Crazydaddy5150 J Fischer D & D Dockery S & K Willett Bill The Harley Guy J Forman R Carlile C & J Mulligan G & M Hoffman

93 Octane A & O Woomer xBoilerUpx 87 Octane J Freeman Sasckwatch

What i've learned through all this is... It isn't where I am going but WHO I am going with! Thank you for being with us on this journey. Stay Ornery

Progression of "The Ornery One"

Logo designs from 2018 to current

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