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Motorcycle Adventures - The Start

What you may not know our motorcycle adventures; about 6 years ago Steph & I took a chance on being the people we had always dreamed of being!

We really started "The Ornery One" & taking it serious when we decided to do our 1st big #motorcycletrip & named it the "Shoestring Budget Roadtrip" which was 2 people on 2 wheels to ride 2,000 miles to 2 motorcycles rallies with only $2,000 to our names. Yeah... no savings account nor do we have one now! lol

During this trip we agreed to only stay with people who we had met online through the motorcycle community! We pulled it off making great memories & over all making so many new friends.

We actually made it back home with $200 which is so strange & odd being that it was another 2

Our first ever Pay It Forward happened as soon as we got home from this "Shoestring Budget Roadtrip" and Biker's Pay It Forward was born. We took our $200 that was left over & rallied some other local businesses to help a young girl with her newborn baby.

That's it guys... your Throwback Thursday post & story :) Of course, there are a lot of details in the Shoestring Budget Roadtrip and so many people especially family told us how CRAZY the idea was but it was the right decision the entire time!

September - August 2018

Northwest Arkansas to Cleveland, Ohio then to Sturgis, South Dakota

We didn't have money or resources for motorcycle luggage... take note at all that stuff!!!!

Also, this was our first "touring" bagger 2015 FLTRX that was stolen in Daytona, Florida during the rally!

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