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Two of America’s best pastimes: Motorcycles and Baseball

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

One was born in 1931 and the other was born in 2007. In the northeast corner of Oklahoma you will find two of the greatest American pastimes. “The Commerce Comet” or you may know him by “The Mick” aka Mickey Mantle was one of the best baseball players and sluggers of all baseball history. Spavinaw, Oklahoma is the birthplace of Mickey Mantle and the old school bike rally known as “Copperhead Run Rally.”

Spavinaw is considered as the Foothills of the Ozarks and you are guaranteed to have a good time! For any motorcycle lover, there is nothing like the roar of your engine, the rush of the open road, the twisty corners between the mountains and opening up the throttle as you cross over the rivers. The Ozarks bring out the passion and pride that fellow riders have; Copperhead Run Rally does just that with all the different rides they offer. Surrounding attractions that are a must to visit and ride include Copperhead Road which is 69 winding curves throughout the Spavinaw Hills; Ketchum Cut-off is an island hopper with bar and grill stops all around the Grand Lake; Topsy Turnpike will take you across the well known Pensacola Dam on into Disney Oklahoma; Wildlife Management is a trip filled with scenic views, Eucha Dam and Kenwood Hills; and then of course the Spavinaw State Park which is small but mighty and a must see visit! The rally itself has bike games, adult games, tattoo contest, panty contest, poker runs, a burnout pit, live music and tons of vendors. You can find the fun starting around the beginning of June which is held as a 3 day event (rain or shine)…. oh and the party has a 21+ age restriction requirement.

This was our first time attending the rally and we were not sure what to expect. If you have ever rode through Oklahoma you will know that the state features flat to rolling hills of prairie grasses to some forested scenery. Living in the heart of the Ozarks (Northwest Arkansas) we knew we would love the terrain as we weren’t too far from home. This is literally the foothills of the Ozarks and makes a beautiful ride anytime during the year.

As soon as we rolled into the rally campgrounds we could instantly tell this was going to be a fun weekend. The staff was friendly, super knowledgeable and you could tell they were happy to be there. The rally campgrounds are right off of highway OK-20 and extremely easy to access. They offer free camping with your ticket/weekend pass with flat grounds which makes camping so much nicer and offers lots of shade! We were both amazed at the different demographics of riders and MC’s plus everyone was happy and getting along. The schedule for the event was filled with events, games, and entertainment. Every hour had new happenings whether it was on the main stage, the burn out bar or inside with karaoke. Plus the beer was cheap! The menus even offered medical dispensary services.

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