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Today: 1/31 .... hmmm

One of the biggest upgrades that we are wanting to do this year is actually a new 2022 motorcycle at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson!! With saying that, we are going to light it up with Custom Dynamics. We want the best seat on the market: Mustang Seats & while we are doing that let's go ahead with the best suspension on the market: Legend Suspension. Wow, where do we stop; KST Kustoms handlebars that are fully adjustable to make the most of our ride, Memphis Shades shield & hand-guards that not only provide protection but also a sleek clean look, Khrome Werks exhaust that gives the deep throaty sound we need, RickRak for the easiest luggage to travel coast to coast with and The Fairing Xchange for the one-of-a-kind regal look to tie everything together. Oh I can't forget today's date: 131 :) that's right 131!

We want to showcase all of these mods & why we have chosen these particular parts & accessories but at the same time stay within warranty!

Over the next few months we will be breaking down The Big Boar build on YouTube with 12-18 videos that will highlight the pros & cons for these accessories. We will be doing a video on each product that we have chosen to add to our ride & look into the:




What if?

The Big Boar YouTube build series starts next Friday night 2/4/22 7pm CST with KC from Pig Trail Harley-Davidson as we talk about what bike will be best for our riding style!

The Big Boar YouTube series is officially sponsored by: Pig Trail Harley-Davidson, Rainwater Holt & Sexton & Custom Dynamics

Sponsors of the The Big Boar include: Pig Trail Harley-Davidson, Custom Dynamics, Rainwater Holt and Sexton, Khrome Werks, Legend Suspension, Mustang Seat, Memphis Shades, KST Kustoms, RickRak, The Fairing Xchange, Baxter Insurance Inc, Support 2UP, Elements of the Old Soul, HillBilly Beards

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