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Motorcycle Ride - T-minus 4 days

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

"Ride Between The Pigs" will be happening again in Eureka Springs, AR during Spring Fling!

This will be our 3rd annual "Ride Between The Pigs" guided ride between the Eureka Springs Harley-Davidson store & the Pig Trail Harley-Davidson store. We usually take a scenic route through the Ozarks for our "Ride Between The Pigs" ride & this year we will be featuring the "Rocker Ride"

Let's take a little ride in our mind before the actual ride - follow along with the map!

Motorcycle Ride - Rocker Ride
Motorcycle Ride - Rocker Ride

We will be leaving Eureka Springs Harley-Davidson at 10:00-10:15am in which the Eureka Springs Police Department will be stopping traffic there on E Van Buren/US-62 as we make a right turn heading towards Green Forest, AR. Once, in Green Forest, AR our route will be taking us North on AR-103 & continue onto AR-21 into Missouri. Please note: Missouri has discontinued their Motorcycle Helmet Law for anyone over the age of 26 &/or anyone who is operating a motorcycle under an instruction permit regardless of age.

Once we are in Missouri we will be taking State Hwy 86 W traveling through Dogwood Canyon Nature Park (needs to be added to your Biker Bucket List) then hitting State Hwy 39 N as we head toward State Hwy 76 W followed by State Hwy 112 S which takes us through Roaring River State Park (another Biker Bucket List item). State Hwy 112 S will take you to Seligman, MO so we can take a left onto State Hwy 37 that brings us back into Arkansas. You will come to a crossroads as soon as you enter Arkansas: Gateway, Arkansas to be exact because it is the "Gateway" to & from Arkansas. :)

We will be continuing straight on AR-62 until we reach Pig Trail Harley-Davidson to grab your SWAG Bags. This is a great opportunity to fill those gas tanks again if need be. Riders are welcome to hangout with us for a few minutes at Pig Trail HD to finish the "Rocker Ride" with us or take off in any direction that their hearts desire.

When we leave Pig Trail Harley-Davidson we will be heading back to Eureka Springs but not the exact same route as we took... instead we will be riding towards Hobbs State Park on AR-12 (another Biker Bucket List guys!) After AR-12 E we will be taking AR-23 N into Eureka Springs.

The Rocker Ride is one of Pig Trail Harley-Davidson's mapped rides that showcases a few highlights of the area including:

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park - 10,000 acres of paradise!!!

Roaring River State Park - one of Missouri's most popular state parks which is perfect for camping, fishing, canoeing or hiking... oh & 1 of 3 state parks that is stocked with rainbow trout!

Mark Twain National Forest - 1.5 million acres of public land that maintains Missouri's natural forest... ready for you to explore it!

Pea Ridge National Military Park - 4,300 acres battlefield honoring those who fought & died to help decide the fate of Missouri - most pivotal Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River!

Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area - Arkansas's LARGEST state park with 12,054 acres!

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge - refuge for big cats & bears!

Are you in Eureka Springs, AR during Spring Fling Motorcycle Rally? If so, then mark your calendars to join us on Saturday April 22nd to "Ride Between The Pigs"

Feel free to download the Rocker Ride map & ride through the Ozarks next time you are in Northwest Arkansas! * Lunch will be provided for the registered riders! Lunch location will be announced - we are very sorry for the short notice of changing lunch this was unfortunately out of our control. Lunch will be provided for those who have registered but please note that there will be other menu items that can be purchased on your own as well as for non-registered riders.

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