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Officially over bike week…. cbd2

Back on the road & where we feel more comfortable. Of course we feel comfortable at our own home but when we are on the road there are no hotels that actually makes us feel relaxed & comfortable. Relaxation… It is on this motorcycle that we ride!!

don’t get me wrong at all; we have some amazing friends that welcome us to their home, feed us & give us all the luxury items that we need but nothing gives us the feeling of being on the road loaded with all of our belongings for the trip. I’m not sure if everyone has those feelings but I think for us… it is a feeling that developed the more we ride.

Daytona Bike Week is officially over but at the same time 2022 riding season has officially started! We are heading back to the Ozarks & currently have 833 miles left! To say when we will actually ride up to the front porch of our house is questionable because today was daylight savings plus we are crossing over EST to CST; way too much thinking & math for me to figure out the ETA. We have so much on our minds that it is hard to be in the moment!! Once we get home we will have about 3 days to wash clothes & load everything back up so we can start The Big Boar build.

The Big Boar build will be 6 weeks of rebuilding, modifing & customizing a new 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson. The drive to the dealership is a little under 2 hours which doesn’t make sense to make that drive 4-6 times a week for 6 weeks which is around 4 hours of each day just driving. So, we rented a little AirBnB from our friend which is just a few miles from the dealership. This is going to allow us to be on site to record & produce videos of the build.

We have a few goals during the build:

• 2-3 videos produced each week

• Friday Night LIVE to recap the produced & uploaded videos including having a guest on the LIVEstream. • 25K subscribers on YouTube. We are currently at 21K

I’ve got 13:36 hours remaining on this ride which I’m sure we will stop to sleep somewhere around Birmingham AL but this is just a little glimpse of my mind aka CBD (Chronicles of the Backseat Driver)

- the squaw

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