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I always have amazing ideas while we are riding... or so i think! Ideas that I think are brillant are the ideas that TJ looks at me with a "certain" look and then my ideas don't always come to life. But let me tell you about CBD! Not the CBD that you are probably thinking of.... CBD stands for Chronicles of the Backseat Driver. :) Yep that's me and these are my chronicles.

28 degrees as we left out of Northwest Arkansas to head towards New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Our actual destination will be Daytona Beach for Daytona Bike Week but any excuse to party in the Bywater will be the best detour.

Although leaving Sunday morning was not as smooth as we had planned. You see I washed all the dirty dishes & cleaned the kitchen the night before then getting a few hours of sleep; however, I didn't wake up to a clean kitchen with nice clean dishes. We woke up to a smoke filled kitchen! Battery acid & melted plastic covering the cleaned countertops & dishes that I had prepped & worked hard for!

Duhan Heated Gloves were on our list of items to try out during these first few months of the riding season. The company reached out to us last year in which the cold riding months had already passed us by. (that is one thing about us... we put product to the test in the elements they are designed for which may take months to achieve)

The thought of TJ getting to ride with some heated gloves was exciting & a relief at the same time. My hands can easily go into my pockets & stay... his not so much!

Ok so let's get to the point: battery acid & melted rubber along with burn marks all in my countertops! pissed us the fu¢k off to say the least. So glad that our youngest smelt the fire & heard the battery explode!! This is a brand that we do not recommend. Can I get a hell yeah or a mic drop?!? We may have just saved your house from being burnt!

-Steph (your backseat driver)

aka: The Ornery Squaw

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Aubrey Davis
Aubrey Davis
Mar 04, 2022

The Ornery Squaw
The Ornery Squaw
Mar 14, 2022
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Not good!

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