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Long Distance Motorcycle Roding: long ups & downs

Our bcXbc22 ride from coast to coast & border to border with 11,000 miles is almost half done!! We are on day 15 - here is a quick recap of each day!

Day 1 7/11:

  • We rode in some pretty nasty heat - reached 100 at one point rolling into Tennessee.

  • Had to get cheap low octane fuel at one stop because the other octanes were out… discovered just how important it is to run good clean high octane fuel in the Big Boar!

  • We had to pull over in West Memphis for a conference video call with AKB & Pig Trail HD for our “Bikers Pay It Forward” that we are organizing for Bikes Blues & BBQ. (MORE INFO TO COME)

  • Rolled into Memphis Shades… another company in the motorcycle industry that loves riding & has a passion for all types of “freedom machines” They gave us a walk through tour… I gotta say that TJ & I were blown away. It is crazy to see all of the years of research & design that goes into a windshield! They make it all!!!! When the box has a sticker that reads: Made in USA that is including the hardware, the plates, the brackets & even the bolts & screws come from small companies right there in memphis! Talking about giving back to the community & supporting each other! We loved it!

  • Made it to Tupelo MS & stayed the night.

  • Total mileage for day 1: 376 miles

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Day 2 7/12:

  • Tupelo MS to Bremen GA was such a nice ride that we were shocked at how the weather was cool & cloudy… we both had expected another hot day of riding. Like Matt Griffin has said: it’s amazing how nice 85 feels after a 100 degree day.

  • Stopped at Hooligan HD & grabbed a few pictures… it is a small dealership but kinda neat! Directly behind the dealership though is a Mellow Mushroom & we had to get our picture with the giant mushroom statue!

  • Hung out with Ret & Brett at KST Kustoms - did a tour of their facility. Got to see a few sections that see off limits & “CANNOT BE RECORDED” which was super cool! What we could record will be in the video 😁

  • Learned that the stock HD bars are made just 10 miles down the road from KST! Crazy!

  • Learned what a “Texas” margarita was…. It just has more tequila. 😂 we call that “extra shot” super simple. The whole “Texas Margarita” on the menu threw me for a loop!

  • Made it to Carrollton GA & stayed the night.

  • Total mileage for day 2: 261 miles

Day 3 7/13:

  • Carrollton GA  to Wake Forest NC

  • Drove most of the day! Drove up to Wake Forest NC to hang with Custom Dynamics crew…. Seen the huge sunburnt butt that Worth Anderson told us about!! Worth it!!

  • Total mileage for day 3: 456 miles

Day 4 7/14:

  • Wake Forest NC (Custom Dynamics Youngsville NC) to Ocean City MD

  • We got to hang out with the crew with Custom Dynamics today before heading to the East Coast

  • David at Custom Dynamics changed out our fog lamp lenses to their new Yellow tinted lenses. Super cool new feature!

  • Took our time riding out to the Atlantic Ocean & stopped at ALL of the look out points once we hit the ocean’s coast including Chesapeake Bay.

  • Made it to HWY 50 to start the “Loneliest Road in America” ride! 3,073 miles to Sacramento.

  • Total mileage for day 4: 311 miles

Day 5 7/15:

  • Ocean City MD to Winchester MD 220 miles

  • The amount of history that we got to see first hand was amazing!!! United States Capitol building, Pentagon, White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Federal Reserve & the Smithsonian Museum oh & the Arrington Museum!

  • We didn’t cover very many miles today but it was more about content & the ride that may never get to do again!!

  • Total mileage for day 5: 220 miles

Day 6 7/16:

  • Winchester MD to Circleville OH

  • Stopped at a gas station that has a little bit of everything including their famous footlong hot dogs…. Yeah not my thing! Not sure why they are famous but they were only $3.00. lol

  • No rooms available in Chillicothe OH so we had to ride 18 miles up north of HWY 50 to Circleville OH

  • Total mileage for day 6: 337 miles

Day 7 7/17:

  • Circleville OH to Vincennes IN

  • We rode in the rain & then more rain!!! It literally rained & stormed the entire day from Circleville OH into Indiana.

  • Total mileage for day 7: 303 miles

Day 8 7/18:

  • Vincennes IN to Ottawa KS

  • We started out on an early note & quickly discovered that our SENA’s were giving a lot of static & reverb…. There was still water & moisture in them from the day before.

  • The RickRak phone mount that they just created…. got so hot that it melted!

  • Steph’s phone charger on the back of the bike stopped working as well as the usb H-D charger that she uses to stay connected & work from the back of the bike.

  • Steph’s windshield on her helmet cracked

  • TJ’s chin guard on his helmet cracked

  • Lets just say that today was full of BS!

  • Total mileage for day 8: 482 miles

Day 9 7/19:

  • We rode over to Kinsley, KS to meet up with Dennis (2 Wheels & A Road Discovering SouthWest Kansas) & had lunch with his sweet wife, Deb!

  • Stopped to see Midway USA which is halfway point of the USA. (1561 miles to New York & 1561 miles to Sacramento)

  • Stopped at Boot Hill in Dodge City, KS to grab some tourist required photos.

  • Dennis rode with us for about 3 hours to the Colorado border.

  • Ottawa, KS to La Junta, CO… some pretty nasty storms were in Pueblo, CO. We stopped before the lightning & found out that most of the town had no wifi, service & electric.

  • Total miles for day 9: 502 miles

Day 10 7/20:

  • Left out of La Junta & headed towards Moab, UT

  • Took a little detour off of HWY50 in Canon City to see the Royal Gorge Bridge… we crossed over it last year but this time we took the extra moments to see the wooden suspension bridge that you can walk over! We didn’t walk over the bridge but did go see it! :)

  • Crossed the Continental Divide - Monarch Pass… which was very impressive!

  • Got held up along the mountain passes with construction. We spent probably an hour over all throughout the afternoon in construction.

  • Didn’t make it to Moab, UT but stopped in Grand Junction, CO

  • Heat today was horrible! 108 degrees & looks like tomorrow will be a little hotter than today. Put sunscreen on twice today & still got burnt!

  • Total mileage for day 10: 352 miles

Day 11 7/21:

  • I think we seen more today than what we expected!! Moab was amazing & breathtaking! So much beauty…

  • We road from Grand Junction to Moab to see Arches National Park & then back up to HWY 50 then on into Delta, CO with our minds set on staying there however the one little hotel they had didn’t have an elevator nor a ground floor room available so we said the hell with it & kept riding. The weather was perfect!

  • We got to Ely, NV right before sunset & grabbed a room at the Ramada. Every hotel there is also a casino & every casino they have is filled with smoke. We don’t smoke & don’t care if you do or not but I don’t want to smoke so don’t blow the shit in my face or stand next to me with your smoke going into my lungs LOL rant over** Anyways the hotel said the online reservation hadn’t came through there system but they did have a room for us. She advised us to go upstairs to their restaurant & have dinner. After dinner we walked back down stairs & the lady said… oh sorry your reservation went to our overflow & we don’t have a room for you.

  • To hell with that… Eureka, NV was only 78 miles farther. The night riding was pretty badass! We did have a huge ass Elk walk in front of us on the highway but with the help of Custom Dynamic’s ProBeast horn & HogTunes Wild Boar audio… we scared the shit out of him!

  • Total mileages for day 11: 586 miles

Day 12 7/22:

  • Had a great night in Eureka, NV at the little Eureka Gold Country Inn or some words along that order!

  • They close the office each night at 10pm & we booked last nights room at 9:38 :) Just in time.

  • Rode from Eureka, NV on into Sacramento, CA

  • Riding along Lake Tahoe so cool!!! Lake Tahoe town… super touristy & of course highway 50 rides right through the middle of all the crazy!

  • Stopped in El Dorado right before Sacramento so that we can gather our thoughts, update social media & have a nice clean comfy bed before we end our highway 50 ride! Plus go LIVE :)

  • Total mileage for day 12: 346 miles

Total miles for trip at this point: 4,532

Day 13 7/23:

  • El Dorado, CA to Saint Clarita, CA

  • Made a stop for our Booty Drop #3. Hope you are all playing along with the motorcycle hunt!!

  • Total mileage for day 13: 380 miles

Day 14 7/24:

  • Saint Clarita, CA to Benson, AZ

  • Left around 7am this morning to get ahead of the Sunday morning LA traffic

  • We passed back into Mountain Time from Pacific Time

  • Dodge another big rain storm today… most of Tucson is under a Flash Flood Warning

  • Bike’s mileage rolled over to 10K today

  • Total mileage for day 14: 575 miles

Day 15 7/25

  • heading to El Paso Texas to start the HWY 62 ride up to Buffalo New York!!

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