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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Behind the scenes or should I make a corny joke here & say “behind the screens - windshield scene that is”

During our bcXbc22 ride we made a detour over to Memphis TN to see our good friends Memphis Shades! Memphis Shades gave us a walk through of the quality, style and customized process that not only sets them apart from the rest but also ahead of the pack! The amount of history & dedication of hard work since 1974 can be seen by the pictures on the walls but also in the factory itself - the machinery - the equipment - the style - the knowledge!

Memphis Shades Windshields & Fairings - Whole new level of style! Everything else is just a windshield!!

We first noticed on that their products are “Made in USA” ….ok so we’ve all seen the “Made in USA” or "Assembled in USA” because hardware is shipped in or all the components are made elsewhere but USA put them all together. Yeah not here!! The brackets, straps, hardware, mounting plates are all made in house right next to the windshields!!

We can’t wait to share with you all the video of our bcXbc22 ride with the Memphis Shades facility tour!! #StayOrnery & stay connected with us via YouTube!!

~ the squaw

{chronicles of the backseat driver: cbd}

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