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Deadwood, South Dakota 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We first rode to Deadwood and were welcomed by the locals that love the rally just as much as the annual Sturgis motorcycle riders. We noticed that Deadwood was very similar to our little town Eureka Springs back home in Arkansas. Downtown Deadwood has a ton of history of gambling and mining and the streets are brick paved with fascinating buildings. Both towns; Deadwood and Eureka Springs, were built in the late 1800's with narrow streets and quaint little homes built into the mountainside. We always find it comforting when traveling how certain places and even people reminds us of home. Remembering our roots and embracing the beauty all around us! Next, we made our journey through Spearfish Canyon where the roads are well maintained with smooth curves. The speed limit is 35 mph which seems slow but is perfect when viewing the canyon walls & river streams right along the road as you ride!

Deadwood Sturgis - Motorcycle Rally

Everything is very accessible & an easy relaxed ride. For never being to Sturgis’... we didn’t know what to expect. The streets are filled with music & laughter as well as eager riders ready to take on many of the rides around the Black Hills National Forest & Badlands National Forest.

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