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Motorcycle Audio

Wild Boar Audio System

WBA Whole Hog RG Kit with 3 Amplifiers & 6 Speakers

900 Watt Kit

  • 3 Amplifier System with R.E.M.I.T. easily mounts all amplifiers inside fairing

  • 3X WBA 300.2 300 Watt Amplifiers

  • 200 Watt 6.5" Front Speakers blean seamlessly into the fairing

  • Black trim for front speaker grills included

  • 150 Watt 6.5" Rear Speakers which fit perfect into the factory rear speaker pods

  • 150 Watt 6.5" speakers install in supplied lower fariing speaker adaptors

  • Lower Adapters are gloss black to match the inner fairing

  • Adapters give easy access to coolant tank on brake side lower

  • Amplifiers designed around small factory charging system

  • Made specifically to work best with factory HD radio

  • Preset corssover, gain & EQ adjustments for easy installation

  • 100% plug & play for easy installation

  • All Required wiring & hardware for installation is included

  • 5 year speaker warranty & 3 year amplifiler warranty

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