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The traveling Traveler!

Packing is something that TJ & I have become very good at over the last several years... so good that we have stayed on the road for over 45 days living out of the Traveler Tour Trunk luggage bag by Nelson Rigg! Yeah... over 45 days - 2 adults - 1 luggage bag. 😵‍💫😳😵‍💫

Wanna know how? I am about to share some of our tips & tricks right here in this blog that will help you utilize space better! The Traveler Tour luggage bag is our go-to luggage bag... the ONLY luggage that we use on the motorcycle! There is plenty of room for both of us to pack our clothes, extra shoes & all the must haves for a road trip!

Motorcycle accessory: Traveler Tour Trunk Bag (to be exact: NR-300) Features: LIFETIME WARRANTY Made with Industry leading UltraMax® fabric Maximum UV protection against fading Universal Fitment on trunks and luggage racks

100% waterproof rain cover included

Quick release straps securely mount to trunk rack

Additional 3” expansion section and 3 generous outer pockets

Rigid construction with mesh pocket under lid

Lined interior holds 2 full face helmets

Lockable zippers to help secure contents

Reflective piping for enhanced visibility

Carry handles for transporting off the bike

Dimensions: 22” L x 12” W x 14.5” H - Holds 63 Liters

Expanded: 22” L x 12” W x 17” H - Holds 73.5 Liters


Stephanie's TOP 5 tips for packing on a motorcycle trip

  1. Makeup: less is more & remember the heat! guess what... I'm a girl and like makeup but can't do a full face of makeup while riding. 1) it isn't great for your skin and 2) the HEAT! You know what I mean by... less makeup is more! Especially if you are traveling in warmer temperatures & dealing with a full face helmet going on & off of your face. If you want to take foundation on your motorcycle trip just save your face & put it on until you are off of the motorcycle for the day. It isn't great for your skin to have foundations on under your helmet where cheek pads are pressing or covering your skin for hours. If you ride with a full face helmet though you can always take the cheek pads out & wash the pads/covers. Eyeliner is my BEST FRIEND! I never carry eyeliner pencils with me though. Even on semi warm day because the temperature inside your saddlebags or luggage bag (wherever you end up putting your makeup bag) will have much higher temps than outside in the wind running down the open road! Conditioner but no shampoo. We utilize shampoo/conditioner at hotels instead of packing both. However, I do pack a small bottle of conditioner because hotel conditioner is nothing more than lotion... it is pointless. But, I will ask at check-in for 2 extra bottles of shampoo/conditioner. Travel size products are more expensive but a few travel size products are the best if you are packing in small spaces. Travel size products that we DO by for the motorcycle include: Condition, Toothpaste and Sunscreen.

  2. Air tight storage bags: ROLL & sit on it! Compression bags saves room & helps you stay organized. We keep our clothes separated from each other... TJ has one bag & I have my own bag. If my traveling days (days on the road - not how long your vacation or trip is) are just 1 then I will pack all my clothes into one bag. However, if my traveling days are more than 1 day then I will use 2 bags. 1 bag for traveling days then 1 bag for the days that I am wherever I am at. That way during the days we are traveling I don't have to open up all the bags to get my clothes or needed items. I can leave all my main things in the closed bag! Many times I will wear the same "road clothes" if my traveling time is 2 days. Just change my socks and undie! :) We ride gas tank to gas tank & on average will ride around 400-500 miles per day... with breakfast, lunch & dinner also with gas stops & time to stretch your legs... that is all day long. I will wear the same road clothes but new socks & undies of course. I have seen many people do this trick but I personally never have because I am a girl & change my mind too much especially about clothes! People will get the tie downs for luggage & lay out their clothes for that day: roll them up, tie them together. This way that can place multiple "pre-rolled" planned days into a bag. This allows them to reach in and grab one pre-rolled outfit.... this saves time for sure! Another tip about compressiong bags: if your rain fly come off of your luggage or maybe you got caught in rain before getting the cover on and all of your stuff gets wet! Your clothes will stay dry because they are inside a compression bag! (Tip from my friend)

  3. Always bring flats: ALWAYS I will wear my boots or riding shoes on the traveling days but always bring an extra pair of shoes with me! These are always a pair of flats to either wear around camp, wear for walking, give my feet a rest and something different than riding boots. This saves space to wear your boots & pack the smaller shoes. I do struggle with my ankles swelling & have had to bungie cord my boots to our luggage bag & wear my flats while riding. Don't be afraid to do it! :) They ain't going anywhere with enough bungies.

  4. Essentials are essential When packing on the motorcycle it is essentials that you take the essentials!! I will let TJ cover some of the essentials we always take but those items do in the saddlebags! Rainsuits, clear visors for our helmets if you run at night, in our case sticker!! Another essentials that we do is carry a full size tripod with us... this also goes in the saddlebag. All of these items go in the saddlebags because they aren't necessarily used more frequently but when you need them you need them FAST! Raingear is only as good as how fast you can put it on! remember this! Have this stuff handy.

  5. Remember: every town has a post office! Spend $5 to do laundry instead of packing! This will save you room for sure! The only people that you will see back to back the same days during your motorcycle trip will be the ones in your group... they already know if you have worn the same shirt for 3 days... just wash it! If you are going to a motorcycle rally... motorcycle rally shirts are always a must. Ship the new stuff back or ship some of your dirty clothes home & keep the new stuff to wear for the remainder of your trip.


TJ's TOP 4 tips for packing on a motorcycle trip

  1. Exactly what she said

  2. Small tool roll I always pack a small tool roll that sits down inside of the saddlebag. There are several different companies that make tool rolls... my tool roll is by Grim Parts. Includes items like tire kit, small screw driver, wrenches and small air pump.

  3. Utilize small canvas bags These small canvas bags are on our website but you can pick them up at Hobby Lobby for a very reasonable price. I keep 1 for underwear 1 for socks - these are small canvas bags that are easy to grab & store. These are perfect size for the smalls that end up in the bottom of your luggage & you can't ever find until you get home from the trip.

  4. Pack cords We always pack an extra phone charging cord other than the ones we have on the motorcycle. Life on the road & traveling is a strange thing on electronics... It the cord is going to stop working then it will stop working while you are on the road. Speaking of other cords than we have on the motorcycle... Steph has a quick disconnect USB charing adapter from the battery that runs up between our seat so she can charge her phone.

There you have it - our tips & tricks for packing on a motorcycle! Hopefully you can use some of these tips to alter for your packing style! If you are in the market for luggage I highly suggest Nelson Rigg. This a company that has been around for an extremely long time mastering the motorcycle luggage line! They know their shit! I listed some of the features above & will list there website here:

Check out the luggage bags that they offer & save yourself some $$ while you are there! Use our promo code for 20% off and FREE shipping! promo code: ORNERY

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