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Motorcycle Digital Gauges

Direct plug-in digital instrumentation system for all *2014 through 2023 Harley Davidson Street Glide, Road Glide, Ultra Classic, Tri-Glide and CVO touring models.

Dig into the 31 illumination colors; independently select colors for the main gauge reading, message center information, bar-graph readouts and gauge labels, or choose from 12 preset themes! The message centers below the main speed and tach readings offer plenty of information and can be configured to show just what the rider wants to see. Gauge display automatically dims for comfortable night time riding and brightens to a high contrast mode for excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight.

Speedometer can be calibrated for custom-gearing situations and allows the user to select MPH or km/H in the setup menu.

The two smaller gauges can be programmed by the rider for their ideal layout; out of the box options include oil temperature, fuel level and voltage, while boost, air suspension pressure and compass heading can be had with the appropriate MBM upgrade modules!

To top it all off, the MLX-8414 features Bluetooth technology for the available mobile app for both Android and Apple iOS devices. Continuously access the setup and customization preferences with your smart phone or tablet!

MLX-8414 utilizes the stock chrome trim rings from the OEM gauges.

  • - 250MPH (400km/h) Speedometer

  • - Tachometer with additional bar graph that wraps around the crown of the gauge

  • - Oil Temperature (sender included)

  • - Volts

  • - Fuel Level wraps around the crown of the Speedometer

  • - Gear Position

  • - Clock

  • - Odometer

  • - A & B Trip meters

  • - Service Meter (miles until next service)

  • - Tire pressure monitoring on factory-equipped models

  • - Performance Meters

    • - 1/4 mile Speed and Time

    • - 0-60 time

    • - High Speed and RPM recall

  • - Indicators:

    • - Turn Signals, High Beam, Cruise Control on/engaged, Check Engine, Security, ABS with Reverse and Parking Brake available for Tri-Glide applications

    • - RDRS - Reflex Defensive Rider System indicators for Traction Control, Rain Mode and VHC Vehicle Hold Control (formerly Hill Assist).

* The MLX-8414 is designed to work with models which included a fairing from the factory. Add-on fairings on other bike models does not allow compatibility.  

Dakota Digital Instrument systems are shipped from the factory with "0" miles on the odometer. Odometer can be set by the installer multiple times within the first 100 miles of driving. In the event of an error or oversight, the odometer reading can be corrected at the factory for a charge of $20 (plus shipping). Please contact Dakota Digital to arrange this service.

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Motorcycle Digital Gauges

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