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Shawn West

3rd Biker's Pay It Forward

Shawn has been diagnosed with Renal Failure and is in dire need of being placed on the waiting list for a new kidney... however; $5,000-$7,000 is needed! This is the amount to just get on the waiting list for a kidney transplant! As soon as you are on the list & a donor (kidney) is available the clock starts ticking!

Saturday, September 29th we had the privilege of meeting Andrea and Shawn as well as their two daughters. They joined us at the 1st annual Ink and Art in the Ozarks show at the Fayetteville Town Center in Fayetteville, AR during Bikes Blues & BBQ 2018.

We rallied together and raised almost $3,000 for this sweet family!! Watch the full video on our YouTube channel to see how the event played out!

UPDATE: Shawn has received a NEW kidney!!!

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