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Alan & Denise

4th Biker's Pay It Forward

Alan and Denise Southworth are both a huge part of our community in Northwest Arkansas but also part of the motorcycle community. Alan was having trouble with his heart which led to surgery on his carotid artery... while in surgery he had a heart attack and his heart completely stopped during the operation. The doctors acted fast and such a miracle that he pulled through and is here with us today.

His battle isn't over though! He has been diagnosed with bladder cancer which is the 4th go around of this horrible sickness: cancer.

During this past July, Denise had neck surgery and will be having another neck surgery toward the beginning of November 2018.

Alan and Denise have had a rough last year! As a community, we pulled together and made their month a bit easier. Although we raised just shy of $2,000, they are buying medicine and food this month which is something that has been a struggle the prior months.

We appreciate all of our contributors and followers in our local community as well as the motorcycle community for helping make this event grand!

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