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RickRak Top Deck II 

Top Deck II with Quick Connect​

Several people have asked about our luggage that we run coast to coast on the Road Glide! The RickRak Top Deck II with the Quick Attach system has been the perfect size & fit for us. Extremely easy to use & saves so much time & effort trying to secure a luggage bag to your bike. This video gives you a quick run down of the features & quality of the bag & attachments. To find RickRak follow the link below: Be sure to check out RickRak on Facebook & Instagram as well.

GoPro Mount

GoPro Deluxe Mount by RickRak

This video includes our install & review of the GoPro Deluxe mount by RickRak. Are you scared to put a camera on your bike that it might fall off during a ride? RickRak GoPro Deluxe 360 Fairing Mount is worth the money!! Smooth turning capability Super easy to install Fits ALL Road Glide Fairing Includes Installation Wrench

Road Glide 6.5" or 10" Windshield

Memphis Shades 6.5" Spoiler Windshield

The best windshield for Harley-Davidson Road Glide? Memphis Shades in our opinion!

We put two of the best sizes (10inch & 6.5inch) to the test & reviewed them here!


Made of Lucite for best quality & durability. Available in five custom heights 5.5", 6.5", 8.5", 10" and 11.5". Available in Smoke, Dark Black Smoke, Ghost. Made in the U.S.A. - Made in Memphis!

Hand Guards: to save or not to save your hands?

Memphis Shades Hand Guards

Would I recommend them? YES for sure!! They have saved my hands multiple times now!! Saved my hands from rain, sleet, & rocks. Some don't like the look but I dig them!!

Stylish wind protection for your hands. Mounts are ecoated aluminum, guards are rubber isolated.

Made of aircraft-grade Lucite in black opaque & Ghost

Black opaque comes with black mounting, Ghost comes with polished mounting hardware.

Made in the U.S.A. - Made in Memphis!

Which is the better helmet?

Best Motorcycle helmet?

We had the opportunity to look at three different popular motorcycle helmets & we lined them up side by side to look at the vents, cushion/liner, & appearance. We have not rode with all three but talk just a few minutes about each one of them!

KST Spearheads: Raising the Bar

Spearheads by KST from the Vanguard collection

The handlebars come in a 3 piece unit that is a fully adjustable system, giving you the versatility to customize the look and feel of your ride. The Vanguard Collection gives you the benefits of an adjustable handlebar, without sacrificing the looks of a traditional handlebar. They are 14" bars with 1.5" OD that gives a strong meaty look! Another cool feature is the clamping surface that is equipped with the Anti-Slip Technology ensuring a solid and strong hold with no rotation in the clamp. The Spearhead style features our signature mayhem point with a slight radius in the rise. 

Which motorcycle suspension is better?

Of the two.... which one?

Which shocks/suspensions are the best for your motorcycle? We are talking with Brian today at Denney's Harley-Davidson about suspension. Let us know what your opinion is regarding suspension & what is the best!! We would LOVE to hear your voice on the matter. We have choices!!! Comment below with your opinion or find us on Instagram & Facebook to join the discussion! If you like this content, let us know & please subscribe. Share our video with anyone else that you know that likes this type of content!!

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