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Primary Vent Kit install & why

Primary Vent Kit on 2019 Road Glide Special


This video shows the Primary Vent kit installed during our 10,000 mile service. Sure enough, our bike was transferring fluids; needless to say, Harley is attempting to fix this issue but some 19's didn't have the fix & need the Primary Vent Kit installed.

Please note: The primary vent kit isn't a recall, but an internal service bulletin that outlines direct diagnostics and corrective actions for EXCESSIVE transmission to primary oil transfer (some transfer between the compartments is normal and has been for years, hence the requirement to run the same oil in primary and transmission!!!)

How we increased without voiding our HD warranty

We took our 2019 Road Glide Special & added a 55mm intake manifold before we tuned her on the DynoJet! Combination of Stage 2 & mods are below: Mods done from the start…..

* Mk 4.5 s&s mufflers 1801-1077

* Screamin' eagle torque cam kit #92500074

* Screamin' eagle extreme flow air cleaner #29400357

* Screamin' eagle pro street tuner #41000008c

* Screamin' eagle smart tune pro #41000445  


Next step was…

* Screamin’ eagle extreme flow 55mm intake manifold #27300167

* After install we did smart tune pro learn with the dyno bringing the combination together for the end result!!!! * Stock numbers at the rear wheel which coincide with the final dyno sheet which also shows rear wheel measurements

* HP. 105 *TQ 118

* Stock hp 82 * Stock tq 107

Results on stock number may very some depending on bike!

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