Turn Signals & Brake

Turn Signals with Magic Strobe

ProBeam LED Turn Signals 

Magic Strobe Brake Lights


Custom Dynamics utilizes the advanced LED technology in the ProBEAM® LED turn signals. These maximize performance with unique reflector technology and the most superior automotive grade LEDs available on the market. ProBEAM® turn signals use automotive grade LEDs to produce an even brighter light output with a wider viewing angle along with a smooth red light that functions as a full-contrast turn signal for maximum visibility.

LED Windshield Trim

Custom Dynamics LED Dynamic Windshield Trim


Who doesn't want bright LEDs? We all want more lights! We installed the LED Windshield Trim lights by Custom Dynamics & I have to say.... THEY ARE BRIGHT & EXTREMELY CLEAR! We just took the windshield off as well as the vent then plugged the Windshield Trim lights inline with the turn signals & bam! You have the trim lights from Custom Dynamics.


Easy, plug & play!

Fog Lights? 

ProBeam Motorcycle LED Halo Fog Lamps

The crew at Denney's HD in Springfield Missouri installed the new Custom Dynamics Fog Lamps.


Extremely easy to install & produces more light than we expected!!


Per Custom Dynamic's website: ProBEAM® Motorcycle LED Halo Fog Lamps utilize Cree LEDs to produce a superior beam pattern with a super bright white LED halo for extreme light output. 

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