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Ride the Ozarks in Harrison, AR:
Alan & Denise

October 2018

Picture perfect fall weekend in the Ozarks! Ride the Ozarks Motorcycle Rally was held at Minnie Harris park at Lake Harrison in Harrison AR. Saturday October 6th we paid it forward to Alan and Denise Southworth. Alan and Denise are both a huge part of our community but also part of the bike community. Alan was having trouble with his heart and while surgery to do some work on his carotid artery, he had a heart attack and died during the operation. He pulled through it and is here with us today. His battle isn't over though! He has been diagnosed with bladder cancer which is the 4th go around of it. During this past July, Denise had neck surgery and will be having another neck surgery toward the beginning of November. This couple has had a rough last year! As a community, we pulled together and made their month a bit easier. Although we raised just shy of $2,000, they are buying medicine and food this month. We appreciate all of our contributors and followers in our local community as well as the biker community for helping make this event grand! 

Alan & Denise Southworth are our “pay it

Fayetteville, AR: Shawn West

September 2018

Bikes, Blues & BBQ was filled with bikes, music and of course finger licking bbq that was amazing as always! Saturday September 29th we had the privilege of meeting Andrea and Shawn as well as their two daughters. They joined us at the 1st annual Ink and Art in the Ozarks show at the Fayetteville Town Center in Fayetteville AR. Shawn has been diagnosed with Renal Failure and is in dire need of being placed on the waiting list for a new kidney... however; $5,000-$7,000 is what it takes to be placed. We rallied together and raised almost $3,000 for this sweet family!! Watch the full video on our YouTube channel to see how the event played out!


Update: Shawn has received a NEW kidney!!!

Paris Texas: LJ

October  2018

Our #payitforward in Paris, Texas was such an emotional day! LJ McAlphin is an 8th grade student at Chisum Middle School who collapsed during school. He was rushed to Dallas and has had two surgeries which one is a new HEART ❤️ We had the opportunity to meet LJ along with Chisum football team, coach, band members and his lovely family! We are so thankful that LJ is recovering so well!! He still has a long road ahead of him but with love and support; we can make long roads smoother. <3 Thank you for being apart of this story and our story!!

Update: LJ is thrillin' & lovin life!!!